Distribution improvements

Up to 40% of Costs reduction for the distributor, due to routes optimization (2-3 less visits per user/year)

Refill effectiveness

Proactive visits planning with minimal user intervention

Current situation


It's the responsibility of the user to determine the current tank level and estimate when it will be necessary to request a refill to avoid running out of stock


Refilling requests may be too late (the user has run out of gas) or too early (there is still sufficient provision for a prolonged period)


The routes must be readjusted constantly to satisfy the demand, decreasing the efficiency in the distribution and increasing the service times


A customer who can not be resupplied on time is a dissatisfied customer


Propane distributors are especially conditioned by strong competition and must necessarily be careful and cost efficient.


There is no certainty of the actual routes used or the times required for each task

Our Solution

Our solution provides remote level monitoring of propane tanks in real time, so that the planning of visits could be done proactively and with minimal user intervention. The real consumptions are combined with historical and predictive information to make a forecast of the remaining level in order to optimize routes and minimize urgent calls, increasing user satisfaction. This information is also available to the user to control the consumption and billing of the service.



  • Up to 40% of Costs reduction for the distributor, due to routes optimization (2-3 less visits per user/year).
  • Greater effectiveness of refills.
  • Simplification of operations, better response times, better customer service.
  • Proactive uninterrupted provision, in addition to more information available for the client, generates more satisfied customers and allows to expand the market.
  • Detection of fraudulent reloads.
  • Real-time information on the progress of each route and trucks location.
  • Reports of current and predictive consumption based on historical information, consumption patterns and weather forecasts.

Basic principles

How does it work


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