Current situation

High cost

Street lighting represents up to 40% of the electricity bill of a city

Environmental impact

CO2 emissions contribute to global warming. Generating the necessary energy for illumination contributes significantly to these emissions

Unsatisfied citizens

Failures are detected only when city residents make a complaint, which makes the responses reactive and contribute to the dissatisfaction of citizens

Operational inefficiency

Maintenance is intensive labor and represents a significant cost

Lack of control

No data is collected and no reports/notifications are sent to make the decision at the right time

Waste of energy

Lighting at full capacity is not necessary all the time in all places. Sometimes you can even see lights on during the day

Our Solution

Our remote control system adds intelligence and control to street lights to reduce the energy expenditure of a typical city. Intelligent lighting allows the intensity of light to be increased/decreased in accordance with adaptive and dynamic schedules, reducing energy demand, reducing CO2 emissions and increasing lamp life without sacrificing public safety.

The sensors installed in each lamp provide diagnostics on the status of the entire network, anticipating problems and reducing operational inefficiencies.

Advanced analytical reports help understand trends, reduce energy loss, improve lighting policies and increase overall satisfaction of public lighting service.

Main benefits

Serve as a platform for other Smart Cities applications

Operational costs reduced by at least 35%

Fast return on investment based on savings

Improvement of resident's satisfaction

Context-sensitive lighting to improve public safety in key areas or events

Up to 40% in energy savings

How does it work


The integrated controllers in each lamp have the ability to handle lighting functions


The LoRa concentrator receives data from all nearby lamps, including power and consumption levels


The server performs control and remote management of lighting


The Sensors of other applications of Intentional Cities also connect to the same hub


LoRa technology in the controller wirelessly connects each lamp with a concentrator


The hub sends information to a server in the cloud where the data is analyzed


The server sends maintenance alerts for burned-out lamps and other problems

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